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A Brighter World in 2021: It Begins Within

A guest post by Eve Willson

Though still in the midst of challenges and uncertainties that include the devastating consequences of a global pandemic and looming climate crisis, we are living in an auspicious time as we move into the year 2021. We can see glimmers of hope for a brighter tomorrow unfolding. Old ways of thinking and doing that no longer serve us slowly give way to a new freshness and beauty. It is a time of great potential and unfolding possibilities. 

Now more than ever we can hear the clarion call for a more compassionate, just and harmonious world. We are all connected, and we can each contribute to the co-creation of a brighter and more beautiful world for all.

The potential to create a more beautiful world lies within each of us. It begins within our hearts. Within my heart. Within your heart. It requires that we go deep within to remember who we really are. That is where we start. And we can start right now, right where we are. 

We each have within us the spark of life, that sacred creative impulse that gives us life and sustains us. It is within each of us; yet many have forgotten that it is there and so they go through life in a state of automatic pilot, reacting to emotional impulses, living according to the expectations and demands of others, tossed about on the seas of life. Many live out their entire lives this way, feeling desperate, hopeless and dejected, without meaning and purpose.  Others sense the call of the heart. It can often be felt as a deep yearning or a sense that there must be more to life than they are living. They long for direction, for a life of meaning and purpose. That yearning is the call of the inner True Self that yearns to be expressed fully in the world. And there are some who have awakened from their forgetfulness of who they really are. They hold  the light of remembrance of their innate truth; and they are engaged in deep and meaningful connection with themselves and with co-creating a better world. They inspire others to heed the inner call to connect with the True Self and step into meaning and purpose.

As we respond to that inner call and connect with the True Self, we can more easily see our own wholeness mirrored in the outer world of our experience. Your inner connection fosters a realization of connection with others, even as remembering your oneness with all opens the way for deeper connection to your individual life. While we are all connected to one another and share a common humanity, it is equally important to remember that each of us is unique. 

There is no one else quite like you. You are uniquely magnificent and radiant in your truth. The radiant light of each one of us is needed for wholeness to be expressed fully in our world. In order to know ourselves deeply, we must tune in to the whole being of who we really are. 

When you connect with your True Self, you are open to accessing all of who you are. You remember your wholeness. You tap the wonder and magnificence of what makes you who you are. When you bring all facets of yourself into alignment, you reconnect to your voice of truth. Your desire to express your truth more fully in the world is awakened. 

As your innate desire to connect comes alive, you begin to experience a desire to sing in full harmony with the whole world. You are ready to step up and out into the world in a way that you never though possible. You are empowered from within. 

As you connect more fully with your True Self, you naturally live in more authenticity and in greater alignment with your truth, because now you hold self-awareness of that inner truth. No more need to wander in desperate seeking. You have come home to yourself at last!

Pause and ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Who am I really?
  2. What do I really need? What do I really want?
  3. What is important to me? What do I value?
  4. How would I have to change in order to live a life of meaning and purpose?

The answers to these questions are yours already, and you remember the answers as you reconnect to your True Self. You can re-connect to your True Self by looking deep within. Your Truth lies below that surface of the old stories you have been telling yourself and others about who you are. It lies beneath the turmoil of the emotional reactions of your personality, beneath the limiting beliefs about yourself that have held you back and keep you stuck, beneath the narrow mindset that limits your view of the world. 

Within yourself you can remember the essence of who you are. It is an exciting process of realizing your unique magnificence that makes you who you really are. And then you can begin to see and explore the possibilities for expressing your truth as you reclaim your voice of truth in the world. Your voice of truth is the way that you express your unique essence in the world. It is yours uniquely and yet it is of the wholeness of all. Every voice is needed for the full harmonic and symphonic expression of the whole. 

The choice of how you express your truth is yours alone. The outer manifestation of your expression in the world is determined by how you choose to participate in the world. A choice to live a contracted and constricted version of yourself is a choice to withhold from the world the fullest expression of your True Self. Your voice of truth is needed now more than ever. The world cannot be at its fullness without your integral magnificence expressing in it. What will be your choice? 

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Photo by Sebastian Beck from Pexels

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  • Lori Swanie

    Thank you for your inspiring words. The questions that you suggested are helpful and I’ve tried to answer them but there is too much confusion around to be able to reflect. Cannot be done without mindfulness practice.

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